Arts Center


Arts  Center  

The arts center consists of exhibition hall and arts studio which is composed of animation studio, ceramic art studio, 3D print studio and material model studio.


The pottery studio opens selective course during which students can learn to make potteries. Teachers create ceramic crafts in their leisure time and their works are displayed here. In the firing area, there is a electrical kiln, which is the biggest now in China.


With huge investment, the animation studio has been equipped with Apple integrated computers, hand-painted board screen and an Objet 30 3D printer that is worth RMB 500, 000. Covering the basic needs of diversified producing, Objet 30 greatly improves working efficiency and can quickly print the most complicated 3D mould in high quality and precision. By conducting its main function of animation, the studio has realized the "integration of production, academy and research" teaching model. At present, the studio is engaged in producing an original 2D animation.