The construction of Qindao College campus network started in 2007. After the expansion in 2009 and the building of the data center for cloud computing in 2011, the progress of the network has gone through three stages.


In the year 2011, by cooperating with CISCO, Qindao College successfully built 802.11n standard wireless campus network, the biggest then in Asia, which broke the traditional wired-network-dominating model, and provided excellent demonstration for the informatization construction of domestic educational industry.


In the process, Qindao College has been dedicated to "building a digital campus". In 2011, the college established a unified computing platform and cloud computing virtualized service centre of international advanced level, striving for completing the college’s educational private cloud by the end of this year.


The unified cloud computing platform of Qingdao College is of VCE model. With the joint construction by the three international giants (CISCO, EMC Storage and VMA Virtualization), it has reached international advanced level. To meet the various needs, there are Education Network, China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile in Qindao College, with total network output adding up to 3.2G.