School of Civil Engineering
School of Civil Engineering

School of Civil Engineering offers undergraduates 3 majors, Civil Engineering, Project Management and Traffic Engineering, and associate degree students 6 majors—Civil Engineering, Real Estate Management and Evaluation, Construction Cost, Road and Bridge Engineering Technology, Construction Project Management and Property Management.



School of Civil Engineering
School of Civil Engineering promotes competitive training practice and nurtures students' innovative team spirit. The training programs include foundation practice, social practice, teaching practice, comprehensive practice and competitive practice.

Civil Engineering

The CE undergraduate program prepares students to face career challenges by providing a sound education in Civil Engineering Materials, Concrete Structure, Masonry Structure, Steel Construction, emphasizing hands-on design projects and case studies that supply context and motivation. Students are taught how to combine theory, measurement and modeling to develop a good understanding of the problems at hand and point the way to desirable solutions. The major courses include: Building Architecture, Basic Theory of Concrete Structure, Basic Principle of Steel Structure etc.

Project Management

Project Management is a program specifically designed to equip future engineers with management and leadership skills.Emphasis of the program is placed on team-based approaches, written and oral communications
skills, management of technology and continuous improvement.Our curriculum is designed to make our graduates sensitive to needs and changes in business and industry. The major courses include: Project Cost Management, Project Management, Construction Engineering Measurement and Valuation etc.

Traffic Engineering

Students are expected to acquire knowledge about traffic planning, designing, controlling and management.They will be qualified for such jobs as traffic engineering construction, traffic planning and traffic control system development in road and bridge construction companies, traffic planning and designing agencies and traffic management sections. The major courses include: Engineering Surveying, Road Survey and Design, City Public Traffic and City Track Traffic etc.